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Monday, 28 February 2011

Dream building the youth focus

having a dream is should be first in a youths preference scale. being vission driven is being in the frontiers of achieving greater heights.

youths this days, year to have things come very fast e.g like making it just in 3 months. we don't want to go through hardships or struggle before making it.

hard work is key to success, therefor a dream can never be achieved without focus, determination, understanding the line of your vision and prayers go a long way.

hence, youths are encouraged to be vision driven as it leads to success.

getting the necessary skills to be abreast with your vision is another key issue to be considered in this society revolving around the youths.

skills should be developed everyday, which will help you know your weakness and strength and maximise on your weakness thereafter.

having a dream is the foundation to a life time success.

know your dream today.

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